Please Welcome Sabrina to the Celestial Carousel Team!


Anyone familiar with my past foray into the book blogging community (my previous blog, 12 Book End) will have heard me mention my best friend, Sabrina, who blogged with me. We’ve missed working together, and over the past few months, we’ve found that just talking about books in our spare time isn’t enough. I’m very, very pleased to announce that she will be joining me here on Celestial Carousel! This means more posts here on CC, a fresh perspective, and a wider variety of memes and posts. I know you’ll love her! :)

I’ll hand things over to Sabrina so she can introduce herself and say hello!

Hullo everyone! This is your new lady and master Sabrina speaking. I’m Samantha’s egotistical glitz-glam diva bestie. I’m the more eccentric/opinionated and less patient one in our dynamic duo. You can expect sarcastic attitude in my posts and a wide, eclectic range of topics. If you think we share a sense of humour or are interested in the face behind these words, go check out my About Sabrina page. (I posted that picture because I want you to love me. And since I’ll be hard pressed to win you over with my charismatic charm, I chose to seduce you with my good looks. And reflective sunglasses. Note to reader: yes, I am aware I have a highly inflated ego. I can barely fit in small, confined spaces with it. Driving is a small torture. And a safety hazard. Thanks, rearview mirror.)

But I digress. I’ll try not to do that often. Notice I didn’t promise. As Samantha mentioned, she and I co-blogged at 12 Book End last summer, and although we loved it, I went back to school and we both ran out of steam. Samantha continued on with her brilliant brainchild she calls Celestial Carousel, while I started attending full time university. I invited myself back on board the express route to internet celebrity status during exam period as a procrastination method. I return to my hectic university/work/life schedule after the holidays (and more importantly, my birthday), so please accept this as my formal apology for any blog posts that appear to be university papers. I’ll bribe sweet talk my way out of poor grades for submitting my sassy blog posts to my profs as needed.

Let me quickly summarize my friendship with Samantha to conclude my introduction and blatantly encourage your interest in my future posts… because you just can’t make this shit up. One year, Sam and I developed our own secret language. We called it Leapfroggian. We promptly lost the cheat sheet and can no longer decipher it. Another year we learned a K-Pop dance choreography until our legs wouldn’t support us (and I was asked to stop rearranging living room furniture after a minor accident occurred. And partially because I scratched the entire hardwood floor with my killer high heels). Another year we went to a concert where I was kicked in the head and had a verbal bitch-off with a guy selling knockoff crap outside the concert hall. I would call it a battle of the wits… but I had an unfair advantage. Finally, as best friends are prone to do, we made up super hero names for each other. Sam’s is Super Lady. Mine is Spartan Princess. Let us know in the comments section which name you like better. Bring it, Sammie. Let the best girl win!


  • Reply Kelley (Another Novel Read) December 17, 2013 at 8:23 PM

    Oh, how cool! Hello Sabrina! :D I think you and I are going to get along quite well. I freaking *love* that you two learned a K-pop dance together! Finally, an admission from *someone else* that learning those dances is fun! I think I might like Super Lady better than Spartan Princess, but they’re both pretty cool.
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    • Sabrina Béatrice
      Reply Sabrina Béatrice December 18, 2013 at 1:43 AM

      Hi Kelley! Looking forward to getting along well with you. It sounds like we can base this friendship on K-pop and books. Let’s start with the most important part: have you learned any K-pop choreographies? Sam and I learned this one by Brown Eyed Girls. I’m saddened you like her name better. Friends off! ):

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