Though the actual holiday of American Thanksgiving falls on the third Thursday of every year, the entire month of November is generally seen as an appropriate time to give, you know, thanks.

Books have had such a tremendous impact on my life, and I’m thankful to everyone who’s made that possible–authors, teachers, my parents, and friends who have encouraged me to read.

The folks behind Literally have taken it upon themselves to take their love of reading a step further this November with their ThanksReading event. Over the course of the month, for every 100 pages read by participants, Literally will donate $1 to Reading is Fundamental to help promote literacy. In addition, participants can take part in Twitter, using the hashtag #ThanksReading. Each week, Literally will share an activity to get a little conversation flowing and help spread the word about the movement.

I’m a huge advocate for helping cultivate the skill and love of reading in children. I’m happy to take part in any event that helps rise funds for such an important cause.

Let’s face it–you’re going to be reading this November, anyway. Join me this month by taking the pledge and logging your reads on Literally, and we can all do a little to help make a big impact. :)

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