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You read that title correctly. My last review on this blog was posted on November 18, 2014, and in the time since then, I have not finished reading a single book (…not counting the children’s book I reviewed in August, but that wasn’t a “chapter book”, so it doesn’t count anyway, right?). My TBR pile is exploding, my bookshelf is gathering dust, and my writing skills have gotten more than a little dusty.

It’s a scary thing, realizing that you’ve come to see what was once your most loved hobby as a chore.

What’s funny is that it wasn’t even a book that made me realize how much I missed reading–it was a movie. I recently bought The Maze Runner movie in anticipation of seeing the sequel the next day on a movie date with my dad, and I surprised myself by thinking “I really enjoyed this… but I know I’d enjoy the book even more.” I felt a little pang of remorse for letting myself get so sucked into the routine of eat-sleep-work-repeat without making time for something that makes me so happy, and immediately started digging through my books to decide what to read first.

The next natural course of action, of course, was to get  reacquainted with the book blogger community, and after seeing a few tweets about it, I felt that tug to participate in NaNoWriMo this year–and immediately felt like a fraud. How could I even consider writing a novel when I haven’t read one in a year?! Something’s got to give, and I’m making some changes right now.


What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without finishing a book? How did you make your way out of your reading slump?

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