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Platform 9 3/4In middle school, my nickname was Hermione–and since you are reading this on a book blog, chances are I don’t have to explain the qualities I possessed that would liken one to Miss Granger.

Though I have matured (just a little) since those days, the traits that earned me my nickname (a fondness for books, a dash of cleverness, and… the occasional transformation into a bossy, insufferable know-it-all) are traits that I retained, more or less. It’s an association I’ve always been very fond of.

Over the past several years, my life has gone through some big changes, giving me a lot of time to work on projects I ordinarily wouldn’t have the time to pursue, and admittedly, I hadn’t really taken advantage of that… until recently.

In May 2013, a friend and I created a book review blog together and I realized that I missed reading. I really missed reading.  It was exactly what I needed. Our visions for our shared blog began to morph after a while, though, and we ultimately decided it would be best for both of us (and our blogs!) to take things in two very different directions—because we are, after all, two very different people.

And so, it was then that Celestial Carousel was born. I created it in the hopes of sharing my passion for books and the written word—but also to talk about my love of travel, my newfound obsession with vinyl records, my infatuation with a certain enterprising television show from the 1960s, and just about everything else on my journey to self-betterment and the endless pursuit of the perfect cup of tea.

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